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EpiNurse in "World Bosai Forum 2017"

EpiNurse participated in first “World Bosai Forum/ International Disaster Risk Conference 2017” commenced from this year in Sendai City, scheduled for 3 days from November 25th to 28th. Sushila Paudel on behalf, introduced the activities of EpiNurse. She told that the EpiNurse has restarted to challenge daily monitoring of living environment and direct data transmission on health risk to ensure the health and safety of communities by funding program Risk Award 2017 on Global platform Cancun, Mexico; and also reported our activities on Nepal flood disaster 2017 in her Flash talk presentation. Presentation was well conceived and nursing actions were appreciated by participants. EpiNurse project approach is one of ways to find practical solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction and mitigation, which could be the monitoring model and benchmark towards Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction from the point of view of nursing science. The first World Bosai Conference was attended by 900+ multidisciplines participants from all over the world.

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