EpiNurses visited flood affected Rautahat district

EpiNurses visited flood affected Rautahat district in Nepal on 19 August, 2017. With incredible help from a local person, Akhileshor Chaudhary (Male Nurse, Director of Janata hospital), taking a very long route, Epinurses visited Sarmujuwa-6, a rural area where poor Dalit community lives and where health services have not been available yet. Dalit are considered as the lower caste, untouchables, depressed class in the society. Although concepts have changed in present days, the caste system is still prevalent in most parts of Nepal particularly in underdeveloped communities.

The Epinurse team performed home visiting rather than camp visits, so they could screen and assess the most needy ones. The team also performed shelter assessment, screening for vulnerable people, health assessment, health examination, first aid management and medication, and nursing care. Health education was also given regarding personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, nutrition, safe drinking water, and prevention of communicable diseases. Sushila Paudel, Sharada Barakoti, Roshani Shrestha, Urmila Chitrakar, Sherpa Thakchi,

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