WHO EMT Minimum Data Set Review by EpiNurse

'EpiNurse' organized a workshop to review the "WHO EMT Minimum Data Set" at the Nursing Association of Nepal. Our experienced EpiNurses figured out the nursing roles under the free text category of "Needs and Risk", and sub-categorized the items into certain elements/areas that the nurses, as an Emergency Medical Team (EMT), must look at the minimum for risk reduction. Sushila Paudel, the doctoral student in Disaster Nursing Global Leader Program at the University of Kochi Japan, on behalf of Prof. Dr. Kanbara Sakiko, facilitated the session, supervised by the project manager Apsara Pandey Khanal, assisted by Project assistant Sangita Gyawali and field coordinator Roshani Ghimire.

EpiNurse also had a consultation with Dr.Miyuki Horiuchi, Prof. of Disaster Nursing, Global Health and Nursing from Kio University, Japan and Dr. Takujiro Ito, Chief Advisor of Local Development Training Academy, JICA, on improving local governance through capacity building training, enhancement on research and analysis, and about the possibilities of developing EpiNurse e-learning materials. We are grateful to both Professors for offering expertise to enhance our activities.

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