Sakiko Kanbara

Epidemiology, Nursing Science

Team Members

EpiNurse composes a transdisciplinary research team, whose members have come together to create innovative measures for health security and disaster risk reduction through communication and consolidation under one research framework.

Yasuhiro Ishimine

Ph.D. Volcanology, Health Emergency 

Ma. Regina E. Estuar

Ph.D. Social Psychology, Information Systems

Shoko Miyagawa

Ph.D.  Health Informatics

Hiroyuki Miyazaki

Ph.D. Geography, Spatial Informatics

Satoshi Ishikawa

Ph.D.  Conservation Ecology

Ngatu Rogers Nlandu

MD, Ph.D. Environmental Health

Kenji Hiromoto

Graduate School of Public Policy,

The University of Tokyo

Odeda Benin Goren
Prepared Center for  Emergency  Response Research, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, UNDAC-OCHA expert 
Hyeon Ju Lee

Ph.D.  Cultural Anthropology