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EpiNurse Founder

Sakiko Kanbara

Epidemiology, Nursing Science

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Specially Appointed Professor,

Graduate School of Disaster Mitigation and Reconstruction Policy, Hyogo Prefectural University PSyChic VR lab Co., Ltd.

Senior Research Scientist Visiting Professor,

Health Innovation Course, Kochi University School of Medicine Machicare Co., Ltd.

Advisor Director of Japan Society for Disaster Nursing Science Council of Japan affiliated member Representative Director of EpiNurse General Incorporated Association Senior Researcher, Next Generation Infrastructure Policy Research Institute

Major awards

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications ICT Regional Revitalization Award 2020 Excellence Award Open data utilization disaster prevention portal "Machicare" (2020)

・ COG2018 Special Innovation Award in collaboration with Ash Center, HKS, Harvard (2019)

・ United Nations International Disaster Reduction Strategy Risk Award 2017 (Awarded by Nepalese Nursing Association: As Project Leader) (2017)


 People are constantly threatened by health crises all over the planet. Disasters, on the other hand, occur suddenly and interact with unresolved health crises. The damage varies greatly depending on the society, time of year, and time of the people.

Disaster mitigation for human security" is an attempt to look at this issue as broadly as possible, to find solutions, and to give back to society.

How can "care" be involved in this?" This is the goal of my research.
 My research focuses on the need for various types of social care and risk communication, and I am working with domestic and international organizations and researchers across disciplines to develop information systems for self-care and primary health care for disaster mitigation, and to conduct field research in Kochi Prefecture and Southeast Asian countries. We are also working on the development of a disaster risk monitoring model through repeated field simulations in Kochi Prefecture and Southeast Asian countries.
We are collaborating with companies and government agencies in order to return this research to society as quickly as possible.

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We are active globally, mainly in Kochi and Kobe. We accept lectures and workshops. Please feel free to contact us.

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1-7-15 Yamamotodori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture





Legal Name  

General Incorporated Association EpiNurse


August 09, 2019




1-7-15 Yamamotodori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City,

Hyogo Prefecture

Outline of business

(1) Surveys and research on matters related to disasters and health risks
(2) Projects related to the preparation for the health crisis associated with climate change
(3) Business related to response, assistance and care for natural disasters
(4) Information provision service business and information analysis service business related to disaster health and care
(5) Planning, editing, production and sales of publications (including electronic media) and educational materials
(6) Marketing research on disaster and health care
(7) Planning, production and operation of various events and seminars
(8) Education, training and consulting services for human resource development
(9) Outsourcing of business operations
(10)All businesses incidental and related to the preceding items

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