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[Epidemiology + Nursing Care for Disaster Risk Reduction]

The term "EpiNurse" refers to an approach that merges the fields of Epidemiology and Nursing to better prepare communities for and respond to disasters.

The mission of EpiNurse is to mitigate the adverse health effects of climate change and natural disasters.


To achieve this objective in the community, EpiNurse uses care science to create safe societies and environments in Japan and beyond.

5 x 5  MetaNurse Project

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On October 22nd and 23rd, we participated in the Disaster Prevention International 2022 event organized at HAT Kobe.

Researchers from Kobe City University of Nursing, Kobe City University of Technology, and affiliated companies are working together on a project called MetaNurse. The project aims to establish a metaverse health center that can serve as a resource for telecare, community health initiatives, and other global projects.

By integrating municipal issues with those of startups and private organizations, participants in last year's KOBE Innovation Challenge launched new businesses based on their findings and innovations.

The team is chosen as one of the projects and has been investigating ways to enable the general public to experience disasters.  Collaboration with real-world experience devices such as the Citizens Disaster Prevention Center raises people’s awareness of disaster risk reduction.


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With a grant from the Nippon Foundation, we have launched the Machi Care Calendar Project. It aims to share a little knowledge about health and life with those evacuated from Ukraine to feel comfortable in Japan.

We will disseminate information about seasonal and local risks and care needs on the website, social networking sites, and in real life.


What should you remember when the seasons change, when traveling by train, when you have a stomachache, or when disaster information comes out? We will answer these questions proactively.


We also hold seasonal well-being events in Kobe and other locations.

We welcome your cooperation and support in spreading this activity to the people around you.

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