[Epidemiology+ Nursing Care for Disaster Risk Reduction ]
EpiNurse is a methodology that combines Epidemiology and Nursing
EpiNurse is a program that combines epidemiology and nursing care for disaster risk reduction.
EpiNurse aims to reduce health risks associated with climate change and natural disasters.
and efforts to create safe social systems and environments both in Japan and abroad, and to
Our goal is to realize this goal in the community based on care science

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Helping those who have evacuated from Ukraine to Japan with a little health and life knowledge to help them feel at ease as they are adjusting to life in Japan.
With a grant from the Nippon Foundation, we have started a community care calendar.
We will transmit more and more information from seasonal and community risks and care needs on the web
-> SNS -> real life.Seasonal changes
When traveling by train When you have a stomach ache When disaster information comes out.
What are you doing then? We will answer the question "What are you doing?
We will respond to your questions ahead of time.
We also hold seasonal well-being events in Kobe and other locations.
We are always looking for people who can help us and let others know about them.

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