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EpiNurse Congo 


We enhance community health in Congolese vulnerable communities through health promotion (behavioral change) and primary health care (PHC) interventions by: monitoring of Malaria and viral Communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, Ebolavirus disease, viral hepatitis B&C) and assessment of related risk factors in vulnerable groups. We also improve community health and resilience through disease prevention and control by local health systems, reduce disease (malaria and communicable diseases) prevalence in vulnerable communities.

Ngatu Rogers Nlandu

MD, Ph.D. Environmental Health

Malonga Kaj François

MD, Ph.D. Environmental Health

Project Members

 University of Kinshasa (Tropical Diseases Department)

    - Prof. Wumba Roger; Infectious Diseases specialist.

    - Dr Madone Mandina; HIV/AIDS specialist.

Songwa University/I.S.T.S. (Health Sciences department):

    -  Prof. Kiaku Bunza (Public Health specialist).

University President Kasa-Vubu (Medicine Department):

     - Prof. Longo Benjamin (Internist).

University of Lubumbashi (School of Public Health):

    - Prof. Abel Ntambue Mukengeshayi (Maternal and Child      

      Health specialist).

    - Prof. Oscar Luboya (Public Health specialist).

N.P.Os. Congo Heiwa-Mura & Biodiversity Emergency Team (BET/EUB):

    - Dr Nangana Luzitu Severin (Kinshasa)

    - Dr Willy Lukanga (Lubumbashi).

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