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EpiNurse the Philippines

The Philippines team is developing a platform for in integrating community health and disaster risk reduction through integration of surveillance (EpiNurse in Shine OS+ ) and human security information (SHEREPO) in a disaster information management platform (eBayanihan). We integrate the human and other dimensions for risk identification through improved health, which in a way challenges the conventional participatory monitoring and mapping system which require real-time or near real-time, population-based, statistical alarms to alert to unusual activity.

Maria Regina E. Estuar

Project Leader, Ph.D,  

Maria Regina E. Estuar

Project Leader, Ph.D,  

Sheila R. Bonito

Education Developer, Ph.D  

Marlene M. de Leon

Technical Consultant Ph.D,  

John Noel Victorino
Lead Developer
Case Station ​Cebu, Supervisor 
Baltz Tribunalo

Head - PDRRMO (Cebu Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Managment Office)

Tool Kit
eBAYANIHAN                                           +     SHINE OS+
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