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EpiNurse Design Thinking Workshop

EpiNurse Design Thinking Online Workshop was held on December 5th 2020, taking in considerations to Covid-19. Out of 108 registration, around 50 could take part in zoom session because of the sudden blackout and internet inaccessibility in Nepal. Overall, participants included EpiNurse Core Group, Nursing Association Members, NAN-trained School Nurses, community EpiNurses and Philippine Developer Team.

Objectives of the Workshop were to:

1. Provide background on Framework of Epinurse

2. Identify persons/groups who are involved in health disaster and extreme emergency


3. Identify Role of ICT in During Disaster and Emergencies

4. Identify what decisions need to be made in relation to disaster management

5. Challenges in data collection using ICT

Prior to the workshop, an online survey was carried out to understand EpiNurse's thoughts, opinions and concerns about the project itself and the system/application being used. A draft of "Epinurse Data Collection Toolkit" was developed as an output of the workshop.

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