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Cultural Competency for Disaster Nursing Global Leader Degree Program

A seminar entitled,“Cultural competency for Disaster Nursing Global Leader” was held at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Dr. Odeda, RN, CEN, Academic Coordinator for Emergency Management Courses PREPARD Center for Emergency Response Research; and Dr. Libster Ronen, MD, Director, Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Center were guest speakers. Dr. Benin Odeda is the United Nations Disaster and Assessment Coordinator (UNDAC) in the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) United Nations (UN) on Disaster and also has worked in management positions in an emergency hospital in multicultural Tel Aviv. During her presentation, she described situations that involved cultural conflicts in the emergency room of a hospital as well as in times of disaster. In addition, Dr. Odeda claimed that cultural awareness and competency would increase the effectiveness of nursing care in disaster. Dr. Libster Ronen, is the director of Emergency Department, located in a very unique city called Mayanei HaYeshua, where most of its citizens are orthodox Jews. Being an orthodox Jew, Dr. Ronen says that people in Mayanei HaYeshua are following the religion regulation, which are integrated by the community leaders–the Rabbi. Sometime this approach is not adequate for the modern world. He presented the challenges him and his colleagues are facing every working day while taking care of the orthodox Jew community.

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