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EpiNurse in Global Platform 2019

EpiNurse Founder Prof. Kanbara Sakiko, EpiNurse Project leader Mrs. Apsara Pandey Khanal and EpiNurse Project Coordinator Sushila Paudel attended the sixth session of Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction that took place from 13 to 17 May 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. The Global Platform was focussed on “Resilience Dividend: Toward Sustainable and Inclusive Societies”.

EpiNurse was honored to have a meeting with Munich re Foundation where the progresses made so far, and the sustainability challenges were discussed. Likewise, EpiNurse was delighted to participate in the WHO Thematic Platform for Health Emergency Disaster Risk Management Research Network where the appeal and commitment was made for collaborative researches and advancements in future. EpiNurse Project leader also met Prem Kumar Rai, Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, who delegated Nepal and made an official statement at GPDRR 2019.

EpiNurse through its local action believes in managing disaster health risks and its cascading effects. So more national and international cooperation and multilateral action is required.

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